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As a member of the National Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association, along with the ____ American Indian/Alaska Native nurses in the United States, you are represented in a vast array of positions within and outside of healthcare. You have the privilege of representing your tribe and community in whatever venue you work and live.

As a member you will have opportunities for networking with experts in your own field of specialty and most importantly with other American Indian/Alaska Natives from around the country.

As a member you will be entitled to discounted fees to educational programs sponsored by NANAINA

As a member you will find opportunities to develop your leadership skills through mentorship and networking with other American Indian/Alaska Native nurse leaders.

Gain access to current news and resources for Alaska Native/American Indian nurses through the NANAINA website

You will have the privilege of serving as a delegate, officer or committee member at the national level and can be assured that your voice will influence important issues, decisions and actions that affect American Indian/Alaska Native nurses and our communities at large.

Members are educators and alumni of various schools and colleges of nursing throughout the United States; providing additional opportunities for members to influence nursing education and the growth of the nursing profession

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